27 Dec 2013

Synamen announces new CEO

Chennai, India – December 27, 2013 – Synamen Thinklabs Private Limited, a software development company headquartered in Chennai, India, announced appointment of a new CEO. Sivaraj Doddannan will be taking over as CEO of the five year old company from January 1, 2014. He joined Synamen earlier this year, and has been working with the leadership team in fine tuning its growth strategy.

Sivaraj comes with over 20 years of experience in IT industry, and has worked in public sector and multinational companies in his career. In his last job in IBM, he managed the maintenance of entire backoffice application portfolio of a large European multinational electronics manufacturer. He will bring a combination of technology management and process capabilities, that will be critical for Synamen in maintaining its high level of quality in its products and services, as the company grows.

“The team at Synamen is energetic and of high calibre. The team has achieved a high level of technical sophistication in its products and services, and a degree of professionalism that is highly appreciated by the clientele. I am proud to associate myself with the team. I am confident we will achieve great heights together”, said Sivaraj.

Sriram Gopal, Founder and current CEO of Synamen, said, “My team and I are happy to welcome Mr. Sivaraj into the Synamen family as a director and a part of the key management team. Mr. Sivaraj comes with a lot of experience working with some the biggest software giants in the world. His temperament, professionalism, passion for technology and problem solving abilities makes him an ideal fit for the company. He will play a vital role in moving Synamen from a growing start-up into a stable and an established company by bringing on board some of the best structures and policies that he has acquired through his experience. I am confident, together, Team Synamen will work towards further improving our customer experience and technical capabilities.”.

Synamen Thinklabs Pvt Ltd, based in Chennai, India is a leading provider of software development services in web technologies. The company was founded in 2007 and has delivered several successful projects in internet and web technologies, including websites, e-commerce solutions, web applications and community portals. The company is focused on developing web applications and portals for innovative new entrepreneurs and helping them succeed in their venture.

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