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30 Sep 2022

What does Magento 2 provide in terms of ‘Critical Security and Software Updates’ to keep your website safe

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Magento 2 Security Features

The all-new platform has evolved with built-in security features to help keep your customers’ e-commerce sites secure and safe. Magento 2 provides three critical security tools for securing the sites. Let us have a look at those

Password Management Tool

Creating and managing passwords for varied services and applications is a humungous task. And practically it is difficult to maintain large number of passwords and to keep them secure. A password management tool ensures maintaining the passwords with role-based access. Magento 2 has enhanced the tool to step up on the secure storing and retrieval of passwords to safeguard from hackers. The platform uses SHA-256 hashing algorithms to validate if users are using a safe password and if the right user is requesting their password to be reset. This algorithm works with AES-256 algorithm and encrypts customer personal and payment data, to give a second level of protection and store this information safely.

Prevent Clickjacking

Clickjacking is a dangerous technique allowing hijackers to extract information from users. In this, the users click on a link, which takes them to a site different from what they intended to view. The hijacker takes control of such users when they land in the malicious page and extracts personal or payment information and hijacks the computer. What has Magento 2 done to eliminate this issue? The platform uses an X-Frame-Options HTTP request header to protect the e-commerce site. This ensures that users are directed to the intended web page when they click on links.

Prevention of Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is an injection type of attack where a malicious script is inserted by a threat into the content from trusted websites. This malicious code is transmitted dynamically to users’ browser. XSS is a very popular attack. Magento 2 has stepped up the security features to prevent such attacks and provide high security to the e-commerce websites data. While input and output of information to and from the e-commerce sites, data is prone to slip on HTML, JSON and JavaScript coding. The platform makes the slipping data as the default settings, so the system does not lose this data and provides no room for attacks. Magento 2 has tightened this security feature to prevent scripting attacks and other vulnerabilities thus safeguarding customer data.


If you provide your customers with e-commerce websites, it is mandatory that you safeguard those sites and provide a seamless and cyber-attack free sites to your customers. Magento 2 also suggests few best practices that you can follow to keep your site tightly secure. Upgrade to Magento 2 if you still use 1. Give your customers a user-friendly, safe, and secure experience and protect them from cyber-attacks.

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