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08 Nov 2022

Digital Commerce: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

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The escalation of E-commerce post pandemic is not going to change and is set to spike further. There is an increase in the mindset of consumers’ preference to online shopping for 2 reasons, to keep pace with fast-paced day-to-day lives and convenience. This mounts pressure on  e-commerce businesses to provide a comprehensive platform to cater to the surging demands. This is critical to stay competitive and retain customer loyalty.

The top influencers of e-commerce trends for 2023.

Multi-faceted Shopping

Consumers now tend to use varied shopping channels for their buys. They review the social media pages, compare pricing with competitors, review feedback and then go to the website for purchase. Keep you brand intact in all the media and ear customer feedback and reviews of products or services. Provide flexible options to consumers based on their buying patterns; physical or online whatever they chose to. Brands should become omnipresent.

Mobile Shopping

Consumers are driven by mobile shopping more and more as this comes in handy anywhere anytime. No one needs to switch on their laptops or computers to access e-commerce sites. According to a statistic, 61% of online orders come through mobile devices. Keep your e-commerce site mobile-friendly and give customers their much-preferred experience. Its not just the site experience but navigating through products, flexible and varied payment options, and seamless checkouts. Payment options are critical as they might tend to make or break online shopping experiences.

Social Media Shopping Channels

Sell where your consumers are present mostly. Social media like Instagram and Facebook are popular shopping channels. Reach out to them giving them a full-fledged shopping experience like an online store. Include these channels in your strategy and grab your customers.

Customer Support

This is the only way customers can contact brands and describe their grievances or explain where they need help. Keep it vigilant and on top priority to continuously track your customer’s pain points and extend your helping hand when needed. Make yourself easily approachable, as customers tend to leave due to poor customer service.

Budget-friendly Shopping

Considering inflation help your customers with budget-friendly pricing and offers and discounts that cannot be ignored by existing customers, also attracting new customers. Seasonal offers and discounts are the best way to retain customer loyalty.

Personalized Experience

Personalize all shopping experiences and special offers to excite the customers and make them stick to your brand. This involves reaching out to them on all channels and giving them a helping hand throughout their buying journey. Keep them engaged in social media with product updates and enhancements that they wish to see and relish.


The last but not the least is ‘Subscriptions’, provide with monthly or yearly subscriptions wherever possible to keep your customers. This helps generate regular revenue and retain customers. Subscriptions help to eliminate ordering manually as the process is automated providing convenience for online shoppers. Keep flexible and varied payment options to cater to the younger generation of today. Mobile wallets and financing options to handle easier and affordable buying. Cashless purchase in the trend now. Sow your seeds now to give the best personalized experience to customers and attract the younger generation who are on the prowl for innovative and unique online shopping.

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