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23 Aug 2017

13 Things You Should Know Before You Start Developing A Mobile App For Corporate

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The mobile app market has grown leaps and bounds in recent years and is expected to grow more as people’s reliance on the app-based businesses is increasing. Building a world class app takes more than just an innovative idea. Here are some points to keep in mind before you start developing one. 1. Thoroughly Researching The Market There are more than 4.5 million apps available on app stores of Google and Apple combined. The competition is fierce, and if you want your mobile app to survive the test of time and users’ faith, you need to do a deep research of the market before commencing with the app development. A market research will allow you to know the competition that helps you design your product better. Also, by knowing the competitors’ customer reviews, you can understand your consumer and the areas where those competitors failed. 2. Knowing The Target Customers Know who you would be selling your app to before starting its development. The target customers will earn your mobile app a trusted base and help in making it popular.

3. Building A Data Usage Efficient App

Your designed app should be data efficient. It should not consume excessive internet data of the consumer. A lot of data consumption by the app makes it costlier for the user to keep using it, and hence, makes it an undesirable product. 4. Offering Something Different From The Competitors What is it that your mobile app has which the one from your competitors doesn’t have? What features does it provide that is totally unique? These questions should ring in your head before and during app development. You should keep in mind that offering different means offering a ‘better’ or an ‘unprecedented’ different. Your designed app should be creative and keep the app user engaged. 5. Less App-Loading Time Users hate waiting. So the time that the app takes to load should be less. If the initialization is taking a long time i.e., long enough to wear down users’ patience, then they would be more disinclined to use your app. More loading time will make the user think that your app is malfunctioning, besides leaving a bad impression on the user’s mind. Try incorporating loading indicators and animations to pacify the user and reassuring him/her that the app is still working. Use progress indicators that give immediate feedback to the user for any action taking longer than a second. The feedback involves notifying the user that the app needs more time to process the user action. 6. Pricing The Mobile App Correctly Price the app based on the demand, value, and the competition. Arrive at the cost by considering the cost of product creation and promotion with the estimated profits. Create the demand for your app among your intended audience and how much each section of them is willing to pay for it. Multiple pricing platforms are a good option. In value-oriented approach, the app is priced as per its actual value to the potential customer. This might lead you to overvalue your product. In the competitor-oriented approach, the app is priced in relation to the existing competition. This is a legitimate approach and assures fair pricing for your app.

7. Mastering One App-Platform First

While launching the mobile app, focus on one technology app-platform instead of launching it on several platforms. After you master that platform, you could choose to go for multiple app-platforms. 8. Using Marketing Strategies for App-Promotion If you want to make your app popular, make sure you market it well. Marketing for the Smartphone app should ideally begin two to three weeks before its launch. Creating a microsite for the app, using social and print media, PPC advertising, guest blogging, etc. are various ways for app-promotion. Moreover, mobile app marketing agencies like Appspire.me, Appency, Appular and more are there which can help in app-marketing. 9. Testing the Mobile App Before its Launch Test the app before launching it. Testing the mobile app beforehand might reveal some shortcomings and drawbacks which can be ironed out before it hits the market. After alpha-testing, go for beta-testing. There are several beta-testing tools on the market that can be availed of like Testflight (for iOS developers), Test Fairy HockeyApp (from Microsoft), etc. Some popular automation app-testing tools include Appium, Robotium, Selendroid, etc. 10. Knowing your Budget in Advance Before going for app development, you should have a fair idea about how much funds are going to be allocated for each stage. Someone from the developer's team should be appointed to keep a strict eye on the budget so that you don’t burn more expenses that are required.

11. Describing your App Well on App Stores

Customers need to know about the product they are going to purchase off the app store. And a detailed description of your app will win you many. Make the first two to three lines catchy enough to attract the attention of potential customers, so that they would click on the ‘Read More’ option. 12. Simplifying the App for User Convenience The content of the app and its presentation is the first thing users will notice in your app. Make your app easy to navigate through, with the content distributed in menus and submenus. Make touch gestures like tapping and swiping quick and effortless. Use large pictures instead of text for a faster browsing experience. Reduce the number of unnecessary icons.

13. Employing Mobile App Development Companies

A wise choice would be not to try and develop the app entirely on your own. Take help of various mobile app development companies for that. Designing everything on your own from scratch will take more time and money. But with the help of specialized agencies, you could be ready with a product at a less investment in less time. According to a survey, there will be more than five million mobile phone users by the year 2019. And a mobile application that lasts long and stays high on the popularity index can be developed if the above important points are adhered to in its building.

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