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03 Aug 2018

9 Key factors to consider while developing an Online Grocery Store

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Are you considering to develop an online grocery store, but not sure how to go about it? We can certainly help you in all aspects to launch your Grocery E-Commerce store successfully. There are few common problems which most of the store owners do not understand. It is important to learn and provide the necessary features from a customer perspective. Here are some key factors in optimising your online grocery store for your customers.

1. Compensating for Item quantity

When buying groceries, the average cart size is usually much larger than a normal E-Commerce store as a Customer might be picking multiple items for a whole week or for 2 weeks or for the month. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the user experience is smooth and quick. Also, equally important is page loading time which needs to be optimized. This would give your customers to progress from just browsing towards buying.

2. Allowing customers to save their Cart

In most cases, customers stick with the same established routines when shopping for grocery, as they keep buying certain regular items like rice, dal, washing powder etc.. on a regular basis. By keeping this in mind, we would need the website to have the right features where the customer can save those regular items. If the customer does decide to change things up, we can allow them to do so by adding or removing items from their shopping cart and also by allowing them to save multiple carts. The goal must be to reduce the time the customer has to spend on selecting items from the store.

3. Offering Product Search

It is important for us to make sure that your customers can find the product they are looking for very quickly. Especially when it comes to groceries, customers usually know what exactly they are looking for, and it is not possible to replace the ingredients with alternatives in a recipe. An efficient and comprehensive search feature allows the customer to pick the desired product without having to spend too much time exploring them.

4. Shopping Lists

Shopping lists or wish lists allow customers to indicate that they are interested in an item and save it to buy at a later date by adding it to their list. This is a mutually beneficial feature as it gives customers an easy way to remind themselves of a product as well as provide the data for retailers to measure the interest in a product. It is important to also allow customers to seamlessly add products from their shopping lists to their cart for an easy and quick check out.

5. Cart Sharing

A Shareable cart is a feature that allows us to make grocery shopping a more family oriented experience. Most often, each member of a family has different demands, hence it is a logical step to provide features that allow a group of users to modify and share a shopping cart so that additional products can be added.

6. Recipes and Ingredient lists

By going the distance and offering features such as recipe ideas on the website, can increase customer satisfaction. By catching your customers attention and engaging them, we may even convince them to buy more items from us than what they actually planned to shop.

7. Providing Efficient Checkout

It is estimated that at least 70% of online carts are abandoned before any payment is being made. The reason for this is that customers consider the checkout process to be too complicated. It is a priority to make sure that the checkout process is as simple as possible for the customers. The best way to do this is through one-page checkout, where we can allow the customers to review their cart & delivery address and also make their payment on the same page.

8. Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are almost essential for online retailers to make the most out of their seasonal sales. It offers an incentive for customers to try products that they would not routinely buy as well as keep them coming back to the store for their usual purchases. Discounts are a way of maintaining a customer’s loyalty to your store. Hence, it is important to implement a feature to receive and process these coupons.

9. Reviews and Rating

Need to include the feature for your customers to add and read the review and ratings for each product in the e-store. This not only helps the customers to select the right product by checking the experience of another customer but also adds value to the store owner to know what the customers actually think and what they want. It is important that those who are considering getting into this business be aware of the needs of their customers as well as the ever-changing trends in this area of E-Commerce.

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