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09 Sep 2022

What Happens if You Still Haven’t Migrated from Magento 1?

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Officially Magento 1 has met its end of life in June 2020. There is no longer any security updates or feature enhancements anymore. Without any security patches, those sites still persistent with Magento 1, are highly posed to vulnerable cyberattacks and hackers. E-Commerce companies had considerable time for a game-changer decision and to migrate to Magento 2. Though the website might not collapse immediately but there sure will be impact that is going to be damaging. You will be putting your e-commerce customers at risk.

Browse through the challenges you are exposed to if not migrated to Magento 2.


Currently Magento 1 will not be validated for any vulnerabilities and retailer sites and their customer data are posed to threats and attacks. Hackers are always on the lookout for sensitive data and those sites prevailing on Magento 1 become easy prey. The security of online store is at stake.

Payment Gateways

PCI compliance is done every 90 days on merchant’s online stores to ensure that consumer data is safe and secure. Without the security patches, the PCI compliance check does not pass resulting in cards not being processed beyond 90 days post end of life of Magento 1. Sites are marked as ‘not secure’ making the consumers deviate from the purchase.

Third-Party Extensions

With innovations happening continuously in e-commerce platforms, sites rely heavily on third-party extensions for providing the best user experience. With updates being stopped on Magento 1, most extensions might stop working or start malfunctioning creating havoc during purchases.

End of Support

Customer support for Magento 1 is stopped now. If sites still on Magento 1 encounter technical issues, you will not get any support for the obsolete platform. You end up spending more money to recover what was lost or damaged.

Myriad of Benefits of Magento 2

Have a look at the myriad of benefits of switching to Magento 2.

Improved security, speed & performance, enhanced extension integration, improved business intelligence, and e-commerce supported by intuitive dashboard and page builder.

Act fast, if you are still lurking in the vicinity of Magento 1 and move to Magento 2 to take advantage of the benefits. Obviously, the migration is not a simple affair and needs lot of effort. But it’s worth the effort. Migration is not just a movement but re-platform of the entire setup and making it Magento 2 friendly. If you still have not made the shift, do so immediately to put yourself at high risk of losing out on sensitive data and innovations to the B2B e-commerce platforms.


As you witness in the article, highly critical reasons are listed that conveys a message that you must migrate to Magento 2. This all-new platform is sure a boon to retailers to provide their customers with the best shopping experience. Magento 2 is the best in terms of performance, speed, powerful extensions, full PWA support, Ajax cart and other enhancements.

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