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15 Jul 2022

E-Commerce Start-up Revolution: How USA start-ups can spread their wings in E-Commerce

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The recent years has seen an exponential growth in E-Commerce and has led every business to make it mandatory to have one. The fear of the pandemic also had the consumers lean towards E-Commerce and shop differently. These factors multiplied the number of businesses moving towards the E- Commerce way. It’s safe to say then, that this trend is going to stay and be the new normal for many businesses henceforth.

Building an E-Commerce website will prove to be a necessity for some businesses; for example, a direct-to-customer business. Their E-Commerce website will be the new platform to connect to their customers directly. This connection can steer the brand into the right direction and help build its strategy based on the insights coming from their customers. Building their own E-Commerce will also reduce dependency on other E-Commerce giants and instil a brand loyalty in its customers.

Consumers have mostly been shopping online increasingly from home. Hence, the retailers had to think on their feet to move their store online. This move to E-Commerce platforms to sell their goods proved to be a great success for the ones that moved. Some retailers even saw a 2-digit jump in their sales as consumers exhibited peculiar shopping trends.

Now that we have established the necessity of E-Commerce website for any business, let’s see how some E-Commerce start-ups are spreading their wings and flourishing in their business.

Gives the best ROI

An E-Commerce website development can be done on a small investment which will save a lot of expenses as compared to setting up a physical shop. The labor charges are also saved as an online store requires only virtual assistants. Maintaining a store and staff are all the additional expenses that can be saved upon with an E-Commerce website.

A 24/7-hour open store

Unlike a physical store that needs to close after business hours, an E-Commerce platform is open 24 hours a day, and on all days! Keeping a physical store open after business hours means extra wages and maintenance costs. But research have showed that customers are active on the internet late in the evening. So, purchases on the E-Commerce platforms will increase in the nights along with sales in the day.

Inventory Management is easier

An E-Commerce website will have all the statistical details of sales and inventory. These statistics will help to manage procurement from wholesalers or manufacturers. This also gives an important insight into which of the products is hit and which ones need improvement.

Best way to connect with Customers

With an E-Commerce website, a direct connection is established with the customers. It is rather difficult to collect customer’s email address in a physical store, but with an online store it is simpler to market or push future promotions to them after their purchase.

Also, customer feedback or suggestion is easier to gain with an E-Commerce website. The testimonials can be published on the website for more credibility and to build public trust in the brand.


The benefits of establishing an E-Commerce website are aplenty and these give the air beneath the wings for E-Commerce start-ups to soar high. Given the higher amount of reach and attention with an online store, businesses are approaching the E-Commerce app development way. Hire an Ecommerce consulting company today to get your mobile app / E-Commerce website developed.

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