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05 Feb 2018

Website Changes That Make A Big Difference To Your Bounce Rate (Part - I)

When you start to see a high bounce rate on your landing pages, it's a flag that your site and content marketing strategy needs a practical redesign. Decreasing your bounce rate can helps your conversion rate. When you learn conversion architecture, you can build up an clear content strategy that will help to develop your business. 1. Improve Your Content’s Readability One reason that your target customers leave your site is a lack of readability. User experience begins when your content is readable and neat. In particular, large chunks of text frightens readers away, so it is better to avoid them. Another reason for is the absence of a standard format. Lots of company blogs have great content by have a lousy formatting. This results in higher bounce and faster exit rate. Therefore, customers do not even get to the quality of the content. This does not create a good user experience. Some of the basic tips to make the content more readable are like using subheadings and bullet points to explain the benefits or facts worth noting. Using charts images and quotes from industry experts can help the content readers to understand the topic easily and help them to remember it for a long time that contents with just text explaining all. Always ask questions or create a plot where readers can brainstorm rather than just read it. Using bold keywords will also help in better understanding but do not get carried away with using bold format. 2. Avoid Pop-Ups – Don’t Disrupt the UX It is a generally accepted fact that most of the customers find irrelevant popups to be annoying or even relevant popes too. This has not changed till now - most customers still hate pop-ups. This has created debate topic for website owners and marketers; whether to use them or not. On the other hand, popups work. There’s no need for arguing the fact that they can help grow email list quickly for marketing purposes. To do so and to have a long-term site that generates a lot of organic visitors, go with a limited number or no pop-ups at all. A carefully designed pop up will be unobtrusive and un-annoying as possible. 3. Create a Compelling Call-to-Action According to Go-Globe, “47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see.” Whether you have a killer title and content or you have maintained the frequency of the pop-ups to a minimal, these parameters are not going to have any impact on your conversion. The only practical method is to make sure that your CTA is compelling. Even something small as changing the text or color of the button can make a huge difference. CTA usually works well with a product or SaaS-based marketing plans. You can get a buy-in without getting a buy from the customer with a CTA, that is a free trial. A great call to action will improve the site usability and every second the customer spends on your site due to an enhanced CTA will improve the conversion rate and thus reduce the bounce rate. 4. Improve Your Brand Storytelling Storytelling can attract the minds of the target customer. But storytelling is something that needs a clear and polished content. Customers are always scanning that webpages to see something that stands out. It could be an image, subheading or a word. Storytelling helps content appeal to users in a dynamic and emotional way. As a result, the customers feel more trust in the brand. 5. Keep Your Blog Fresh With the Right Content A business that updates their blog content frequently has seen an increase in lead generation up to 120%. But it is important to differentiate powerful content from the right content. A powerful content can make the customer amazed but it may not solve their problems.But a right content can make the customer amazed, but at the same time it can give the customer answers to their problem or it can help to get a solution. By consistently adding fresh content, the customer’s trust is gradually built. This can lead companies to use deceptive and manipulative tactics to lead their customers buying something. But each customer will also remember each and every action that you took and every word you said. A right content can convert your new customers to become a returning customer and this in time will make them exceed your new visitors which in turn increases your conversion rate. 6. Target Keywords With High-Value Traffic Keyword selection can make or break your content marketing easily. One practical way to improve search performance is to target high-value keywords because that’s where the high-value traffic is. High-value keywords are powerful, they not only improve your traffic, engagement and conversion rate but they also enhance your authority and online reputation as well. Sites with higher bounce rates do not set aside the opportunity to build authority. They are simply tossing content out there.

This segment is part 1 in the series : Website Changes That Make A Big Difference To Your Bounce Rate


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