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18 Feb 2019

What's new in Magento 2.3 and how it can be useful for Magento Merchants?

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One of the key highlights of the year for the Magento Community is the release of Magento 2.3. With this launch, updates have been made to Magento’s tech stack with new revolutionary features and security fixes to help E-Commerce merchants grow their business and also enhance developers to fulfill client expectations with more concrete results. A quick answer to what’s new in Magento 2.3 would be better performance, higher security, and innovation throughout the extremely popular platform and revamp the default E-Commerce experience.


Magento community has always maintained the security concern as its prime factor. With the release of 2.3, it’s obvious to see the prominence the team has placed on security features for merchants to feel secure when selling their products online. Magento 2.3 now also includes Google reCAPTCHA and Two-Factor Authentication to add an additional layer of security to your Magento Store. Google RECAPTCHA- since we have bots today, this integration helps restrict access to your Magento site only to humans. This free service provider by Google filters and restricts spam bots from crunching your Magento store with junk and protects various important features of app or website like the login, register, contacts etc., Cache management ACL provides exquisite admin control through which you assign access to clear your store caches and thus prevent any kind of accidental changes from affecting the performance of your Magento store. 2FA- when enabled on the Magento back office the agents can confirm their identity using an app such as Google Authenticator. This allows merchants an assurance that they can access their Magento admin panel. This layer of security will require users to verify their credentials to log in by sending a security code to their phone call or e-mail. Although this software is used by many companies, this feature is accepted for improved security concerns for the members of the Magento community.


Updates include upgrades to Redis, MySQL, Elastic search, compatibility with PHP 7.2. Improvements to import and export focus on enhancements to existing processes, including the addition of new object types in terms of speed and usability. Magento Shipping-Click and Collect features which enable the merchants to directly collect the shipments from allocated sources or stores. Elastic Search- previously this support was reserved in Magento Commerce only now it’s provided for Magento Open Source version. Performance improvements enhance the frontend performance of existing themes and minimize file size and optimize processing time to improve page performance in the browser, providing the opportunity to integrate powerful search capabilities.


PWA STUDIO- is the latest front end technology where a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users. It includes tools to personalize content and add local preferences. GRAPH QL Support- is a data query language. Magento 2.3 implements Graph QL as docile and an alternative API endpoint. It is an emerging approach to web services that entitles the development of storefront experiences. Declarative Schema- it restores the corresponding processes for both Magento and extensions, reducing the need for many database scripts. Supports shared database structures and validation. Asynchronous and Bulk Web API- it enables to process a large number of API requests asynchronously without waiting for the response from the server. Bulk web APIs- support more efficient and scalable implementations which exclude baffling network. Multisource Inventory-MSI system helps E-Commerce owners to manage their inventory across multiple native locations from within the Magento admin. Page Builder- provides merchants with the efficiency of building pursuit and dynamic CMS page with responsive adequacy, without having any internal coding capabilities.


With the new host of features coming up with this release, the new version has caught a lot of interest with the Magento merchants. The robust features will bring benefits, helping in managing the online storefront more effectively, easing the duties of the Admin and in managing the costs. Should you need an experienced Magento Developer, you can reach out to us.

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