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17 Apr 2017

How Magento Framework Benefits B2B E-Commerce Businesses?

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Magento platformis certainly the best at present. According to Alexa, 26% of top E-Commerce sites are using Magento E-Commerce development as their platform. Open source, fully functional, user-friendly, customizable, secure, robust and feature-rich, Magento has strong evidence of success in the B2C market but do you know how delighting it is for B2B commercial space?Here’s how Magento framework benefits B2B E-Commerce business with its amazing features:

It’s easy and intuitive feel makes B2B shopping as simple as B2C

B2B buyers want to shop directly from the vendors, with enough self-serving information available to guide them. Removal of sales guy from the scene not only saves money for them but also gives the freedom of making decisions. In such scenario, these buyers want the excellent user experience to make their shopping easy – as engaging as B2C websites.

Excellent Inventory Management

Magento enables the buyers with great inventory tracking capabilities. Multiple in-between warehouses, delivery schedules, drop-shipping, and locations can be tracked from the business buyer’s account. Due to the high credibility of delivery information, business buyers can plan their processes in advance. Mobile-responsiveness has elevated the potential of Magento for B2B market Mobile has allowed many businesses in this digital era. Mobile-responsiveness is a powerful feature of Magento, letting the B2B users buy from anywhere and at any time. Creating a smooth experience, Magento framework lets the business buyers buy from any device they use. Account Management and Pricing You can manage the client accounts by creating tiered users and customers. Group creation, permission setting, order history tracking and every other account management, needed for B2B buyers, is available in Magento. Pricing, payment options, shipping, and verification – all are secure and credible when done through a Magento E-Commerce development platform, due to the robustness of the framework. Bulk purchases are easy Business buyers and normal customers are different due to the quantity and purchase of purchasing an item. For B2B buyers, bulk purchases should be convenient and that’s what Magento offers. You can streamline your bulk orders, customize the prices according to the order size and offer discounts for exclusive buyers. With these facilities, Magento offers the personalized experience for the buyers. Magento framework is beneficial for business buyers as clear from the above points. There are even more features which make it a great E-Commerce partner. Invoicing, integration with ERP and quoting are to name a few. The possibilities for this framework are enormous in B2B E-Commerce. If you are still not leveraging the potential of Magento, then you may be missing a lot of opportunities. So, switch before the competitors gain the complete power.

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